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Build-A-Bear Sensory Friendly Time

Build-A-Bear Sensory Friendly Time Sensory-Friendly Time Mall Marketing Image

Build-A-Bear Workshop means fun for everyone! Sensory-Friendly Tuesdays are designed to provide a less-stimulating Workshop experience that’s still fun-filled and unforgettable. Our Bear Builders are committed to making sure every Guest goes through the Build-A-Bear experience in a way that’s comfortable for them.

Sensory-Friendly Event Details:

  • Dimmer Lighting
  • Quieter Environment with little to no music playing in the store
  • Accommodations available throughout the experience
  • A step-by-step informational guide that allows parents/guardians to plan their Workshop experience in advance
  • All ages and siblings welcome

Sensory-Friendly Tuesdays occur weekly every Tuesday at all Build-A-Bear Workshop locations for the first hour of the day. To ensure the BEARY best experience, please talk to an associate to check store hours and plan your visit.